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Backcountry Skiing and Splitboarding in Colorado

Winter Backcountry Education

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Backcountry Education & Avalanche Safety Courses

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Colorado Adventure Guides is thrilled to offer our Backcountry Mentorship program based out of Central Colorado. Our backcountry mentorship program is designed to provide you with the fundamental skills and knowledge to recreate in avalanche terrain.

The Backcountry Mentorship Program is a structured avalanche education curriculum that includes Intro to Backcountry Ski/Split, AIARE Level 1, AIARE Rescue, and AIARE Level 2.

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Backcountry Mentorship Program

Let Us Lead the Way

Colorado is home to one of the most complex snowpacks in the entire world and people come from all across the globe to study our snowpack. Traveling in the backcountry requires a solid understanding of avalanche risk and the knowledge to mitigate these risks through appropriate terrain assessment and decision making. This can be an overwhelming endeavor for many and that’s why we have simplified things for you through our Backcountry Mentorship Program. Whether you are taking your first step or venturing farther, this tiered program is a great way to approach the backcountry this Winter and beyond. From free in-store clinics to on-snow introductory courses, and continuing through all of the phases of your avalanche safety education, we’ll help you with your journey into a life of backcountry.

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Step 1
Free Backcountry 101 Clinics

Ski/Split 101, Hut Trip 101, Avalanche 101, Trip Planning 101

Step 2
Intro to Backcountry Ski & Splitboard

1-day intro to backcountry equipment and traveling in avalanche terrain

Step 3
AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Safety

3-day intro to managing avalanche hazard

Step 4
AIARE Avalanche Rescue

1-day intro to companion avalanche rescue techniques

Step 5
AIARE Level 2 Analyzing Snowpack

3-day focus on analyzing snowpack, advanced route selection, and leadership

Winter Backcountry Courses & Clinics
Winter Backcountry Clinics Resized
Free Winter Backcountry Clinics
Backcountry Clinics
Intro to Backcountry Touring
Skiing & Splitboarding
Intro to Backcountry
AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Education Course
Avalanche Safety Course
AIARE Level 1
AIARE Avalanche Companion Rescue
Companion Avalanche Rescue
AIARE Rescue
AIARE Level 2 Avalanche Education Course
Analyzing Snowpack and Hazards
AIARE Level 2
Backcountry Touring in Colorado Resized
Bridge The Gap
Backcountry Mentorship
Backcountry Mentor Program

Let Us Guide The Way

Backcountry Safety, Education, & Rescue

Whether you are taking your first step or venturing farther, this tiered program is a great way to approach the backcountry this Winter and beyond. We are here to help you with your journey into a lifetime full of fun in the backcountry.

Free Backcountry 101 Clinics
First Step in Avalanche Education

Continuing for this season we will be running free 1-2 hour 101 clinics both virtual as well as in-person at partnering shops. This is the perfect place to start to help to start build a foundation for your backcountry travel, or a great refresher for the seasoned traveler. With clinics like our Ski/Splitboard 101, Hut Tripping 101, Avalanche 101, and Trip Planning 101 we have something for everybody! And the best thing, they are all FREE!

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Intro to Backcountry Ski/Split
The First Step On Snow

After attending one of our Ski/Split 101 clinics your next step would be to get out on the snow with our Introduction to Skiing and Splitboarding course. And because you attended our clinic you now get 15% off! We have designed this as an introductory course to help you learn the skills necessary to be confident in venturing into the backcountry. We also strongly suggest taking this course prior to taking a AIARE Level 1 Avalanche course for those who are new to backcountry skiing, and if you do you will get 15% off your AIARE Course!

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AIARE Level 1 & AIARE Rescue
Earned a few turns - Back for more!

Now that you have a solid understanding of how your gear works, you learned some basic touring skills, and an introduction to terrain and avalanche awareness, it’s time to get some education. We are the biggest provider of avalanche education in Summit County and our courses are AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) credited and we have some of the best local instructors around on staff. We recommend taking your 3-day AIARE 1 followed by your 1-day AIARE Avalanche Rescue. Take one and get 15% off the other!

Want to immerse yourself into your backcountry education? Check out our Hut-Based AIARE 1 options! Spend 3 days in a backcountry hut to get the full experience!

AIARE Level 1 Info
AIARE Rescue Info
AIARE Level 2
Time To Level Up!

You took your knowledge and put it use. Now that you have a little bit of experience applying all of the knowledge and processes that you learned in your AIARE 1 Course, its time to take it a step further and learn how to become a leader within a small group and close gaps of uncertainty in the backcountry in one of our AIARE 2 courses. Our AIARE 2 courses are offered in either hut or snow camping based formats, and if you took your AIARE 1 with us you get 15% off!

AIARE 2 Info
Avalanche Refresher Course
Freshen those hard learned skills!

Did you take a Level 1 years ago and need some refreshing? Have you taken a Level 1 recently and want help applying all of the information to actually getting out and making turns? Get a few of your regular backcountry buddies together and book a a day with guide/instructor for private learning and touring. The day can be tailored to the skills you want to spend the most time on, from trip planning to route selection, field observations to snowpack analysis, or simply just learning how to execute a ski tour from beginning to end and finding the best conditions. Took your AIARE 1 or 2 with us, take an extra 15% off the total trip cost!

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The Journey Continues
Ski/Split Mountaineering Course

Looking to take your skills even further? Our 3-Day Ski/Splitboard Mountaineering Course is the culmination of our Backcountry Mentorship Program. For many, ski and splitboard mountaineering is one of the greatest allures to backcountry skiing and riding. Around the springtime in Colorado the snowpack becomes more stable, the corn snow cycle is in affect, and the backcountry terrain opens up drastically. Colorado is home to some of the most amazing ski/split mountaineering in the country and with some lines being more technical than others, you need to make sure you have the necessary skills. This is a course in which we will be covering a wide array of topics emphasized on traveling through intermediate to advanced terrain.

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Why Choose Us?

Locally Sourced

What makes our courses unique? Not only are our courses taught by our certified guides and instructors, each course is also concepted and designed by them. This means that your instructor has put their passion into creating the best possible learning experience for you.

The Learning Never Stops
Get Medically Trained!

The journey never stops. Backcountry winter travel encompasses much more than snowpack and terrain knowledge. What do you do if somebody gets hurt? Do you have the skills necessary to address medical issues in the backcountry? Partnering with Desert Mountain Medicine out of neighboring Leadville, CO we encourage all of our students to continue with their education. They run wilderness specific medical courses ranging from their Winter-Specific Wilderness First Aid Courses to more advanced options like a Wilderness First Responder. Check out our AIARE Rescue + Wilderness First Aid course!

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Took the Level 1 AIARE course with Justin, Mikey and Nicholas. They were incredibly knowledgeable, but also kept the course fun and engaging! The class catered to all levels which made it feel very personalized with their 1-1 support. You're going to wish you signed up years ago!


My wife and I really enjoyed the AIARE 1 course we took through CAG. Knowledgeable instructors that made the experience a lot of fun. We feel much more confident in the backcountry after completing the course.


I'I booked an Intro to Backcountry course and my AIARE Level 1 through them too. The Intro to Backcountry course was so much fun, Sean was an informative and friendly guide that made sure we were learning backcountry skills through the course, not just following his lead. I'm really looking forward to my upcoming AIARE 1 class!


I took the Aiare level 1 course. These guy did a great job and made the course fun. I learned a ton and am confident in my new skills. I highly recommend them.


Took the 3 day AIARE 1 course with Justin and Sunshine as my instructors. Both Justin and Sunshine were organized, extremely knowledgeable and did a great job of conveying the course material in a logical, easy to understand manner, during the classroom portion. We toured with each guide for a day and they were both terrific in the field. .

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