What makes a guide service?  Well, when one is blessed with our surroundings, the signature Colorado powder, craggy 14,000 foot peaks, miles of fun and flowy singletrack, it’s not hard to deliver an amazing outdoor adventure.  What makes Colorado Adventure Guides great is our team of safe, passionate, professional, and fun guides.  So, I’m here to introduce you to the team, one at a time.

Justin Ibarra – Lead Guide / Avalanche Course Instructor / Safety Manager

Justin is a Colorado native, and if I were to add one more job description to the list, it would be “Mountain Goat.”  Justin is a rare breed of mountaineer.  He’s an avalanche educator, a mountain guide, a climber, but most notably, a snowboarder.  Well, he’s a splitboarder, and he’ll be first to tell you, if you haven’t tried splitboarding, it will change your life.  His OZ Snowboards splitboard allows him to access places that most snowboarders only see in TGR films.  I’ve been out in the backcountry numerous times with the mountain goat, and am always impressed by how he moves in the mountains, with a serious, yet laid-back style.  As the founder of Colorado Snowboard Guides, Justin has a passion for sharing his love of the mountains and spends most of his time honing his backcountry travel skills.  At the moment, he’s living the dream in Kzyrgyzstan, guiding backcountry skiing and snowboarding with 40 Tribes Backcountry.  But, when he returns to the Colorado high-country, he’ll be ready to take you out for some late-Winter powder riding, or take you to that steep and gnarly Spring line you’ve been eyeing up.  

14erskiers.com recently caught up with Justin to learn a little more about what we are doing up here in Summit County.  Check it out HERE!