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Adventure Packages in Colorado

ACE Adventure Packages

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Adventure Packages in Colorado

Crossed Rafting Paddles

“A Colorado Experience” Join us on one of our ACE packages coupling the best of Colorado’s outdoor activities. All of our ACE packages are 2-day packages with one day on the Colorado River and another day with your activity of choice between rock climbing, mountain biking, or hiking. During times that we can run the Blue River we also run our express 1-day Rapid ACE packages. Contact us for availability

Crossed Rafting Paddles
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ACE Adventure Packages
Colorado Adventure Packages
Your one-stop shop for guided outdoor activities

Why book multiple activities with different providers when you can get it all at one spot? Let us take all the hard work out of booking your activities with one of our ACE adventure packages. From whitewater rafting on the mighty Colorado River, to scaling one of the many local Summit County crags, to flowy downhill or grinding mountain bike climbs, or put the boots to the dirt and hike on one of our many beautiful trail systems. We have it all and are here to show you an amazing and unforgettable time in Colorado!

Rock & Row Package
Rafting & Rock Climbing

Rock climbing and river rafting. Two of Colorado’s most quintessential summer outdoor activities. Perfect for families or adventure seekers of the like, these activities are great for all. This 2-day package will include a 3/4 day rafting trip on the Upper Colorado River which includes a river-side lunch, and a half-day rock climb adventure. All gear is included for both activities. In a rush? Check out our Rapid Rock and Row package for a 1-day version. Half day on the river, and half day on the Rock.

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Rock Climbing & Rafting Package
Mountain Bike & Raft Package
Pedal & Paddle
Mountain Biking & Whitewater Rafting

Our rafting and mountain biking package is an amazing way to explore the beauty of Colorado. This 2-day package includes a 3/4 day rafting trip on the Upper Colorado River (which includes a river-side lunch), and then a half day of exploring one of the many vast mountain bike trail systems in Summit County. Don’t have your own bike? That’s ok too, we partner with many local bike shops the help you book a rental. In a rush? Check out our Rapid Pedal and Paddle package in which you will spend a half day on the trails and a half day on the river. Contact us for more details.

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Boots to Boats
Hiking & Whitewater Rafting

Hiking and rafting in Colorado go together like peanut butter and jelly. Let us show you a beautiful experience on the 2-day adventure package. Put the boots to the dirt and enjoy one of the many amazing half-day hikes here in Summit County. From wildflowers to stunning backdrops, it’s hard to be dissappointed. Then on your other day you will raft down the mighty Colorado River on a 3/4 day rafting trip which includes a river-side lunch. In a time crunch? Look into our Rapid Boots to Boats, a 1-day package with a half-day hike and half-day river trip. Contact us for more details.

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Hiking & Rafting Package
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``Rapid`` ACE Packages
2 Adventures : 1 Day : 1 heck of a great time!

During times when we can raft on the Blue River, we offer a 1-day version of our ACE Adventure Packages. The Blue River is a quick hitter that starts just 15 min from our office. This half day river experience has you rafting down the amazing Blue River, boasting our more exciting rapids ranging from Class 3 to Class 4 at higher water. Pair this amazing adventure down the rapids with either rock climbing, mountain biking, or hiking to fulfill a full day of excitement! Contact us for availability!

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ACE Packages
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