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Splitboard Progression Program

Splitboard Progression Program

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Splitboard Progression Program
Colorado Adventure Guides Crossed Skis

Colorado Adventure Guides is the home to, and proud to be, one of the orginal splitboard specific course developers and providers in the country! With the support of Weston, we have developed a Splitboard Progression Program that helps to guide you through the lifetime of learning so that you can maximize your enjoyment in the backcountry on your splitboard. From the new splitboarder to the more seasoned rider we have a course for everybody. The Splitboard Progression Program is laid out in a progressive format starting with free clinics, to our 1-day Intro to Splitboarding Course, then splitboard specific avalanche education including AIARE 1, 2, and Rescue, to our Advanced Splitboard Course and ending with the popular Splitboard Mountaineering Course.

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Splitboard Progression Program

Created by Justin Ibarra, our Director of Operations/Lead Guide and founder of Colorado Snowboard Guides, we are one of the first splitboard specific course developers and providers in the country. With an increase of lift prices and traffic, more and more people have been venturing into the backcountry. With this increase we noticed the demand to fulfill an outlet for snowboarders to further their skill-sets off-piste through courses in backcountry education, guided trips, and mentorship while helping spread the passion to others. Now in partnership with Weston, and with years of program execution and development, we are one of the premier Guided Splitboard Education Providers in the country. Our office is our sanctuary and our goal is to bring you into the backcountry to experience what this beautiful world has to offer.

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Splitboard 101 Clinic
Colorado Splitboard Courses

Entering into the backcountry for the first time can be a daunting task. The experts at CAG and Weston are here to help. From choosing your first splitboard, to planning your first backcountry trip, to choosing what avalanche education you need, we have the knowledge and gear you need to get out and have fun in the backcountry. This course is ideal for someone who may have just purchased a splitboard setup or is looking to get into the scene and feeling things out. The course itinerary will cover choosing a splitboard setup, gear recommendations and packing list, a CAIC website demo, an introductory trip-planning workshop.

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Intro to Splitboarding Course
On-Snow Splitboard Course

Ready to step out into the field? After attending one of our Split 101 clinics your next step would be to get outside on our Introduction to Splitboarding On-Snow course. And because you attended our clinic you now get $75 off! We have designed this as an introductory course to help you learn the skills necessary to be confident in venturing into the backcountry. A stepping stone to get off the resort and explore Colorado’s pristine backcountry. No backcountry experience necessary and backcountry touring gear can be rented at our basecamp. Learn topics such as how to use your gear, effecient transitons, basic skinning technique, avalanche and terrain awareness, and more. We strongly suggest taking this course prior to taking a Level 1 Avalanche course for those who are new to splitboarding, and if you do you will get 10% off your AIARE Course!

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Splitboard Specific AIARE Avalanche Courses
Avalanche Safety Course

Now that you have a solid understanding of how your gear works, you learned some basic touring skills, and an introduction to terrain and avalanche awareness, it’s time to get some education. We are one of the first outfitters to offer splitboard specific avalanche education, the biggest provider of avalanche education in Summit County, and our courses are AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) credited. Check out our splitboard specific AIARE 1 courses!

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Advanced Splitboarding Course
Take it to the next level

The Advanced Splitboard Course is designed to further develop your skills while traveling on your splitboard in the backcountry. Throughout the span of the course we will be covering various topics of which include but not limited too; advanced trip planning techniques including map and compass, advanced route selection and terrain management, white-out navigation, and emergency shelter construction. Students will have the opportunity to lead tours and gain experience through communication, group dynamics, and risk-management. The course is overnight and will span 2 days and 1 night in the backcountry. All courses are currently ran as private. 2 person minimum. Contact us for availabililty

Guided Mentorship Days
Custom Instructional Splitboard Tours

Have you taken a Level 1 and now need some refreshing or just want help applying all of the information to actually getting out and making turns? Do you want to just get out for a customized day of learning or riding? The day can be tailored to the skills you want to spend the most time on, from trip planning to route selection, field observations to snowpack analysis, or simply just want to get out and find the best conditions.

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Splitboard Mountaineering Course
Splitboarding in Technical Backcountry Terrain

Looking to take your skills even further? Our 3-Day Splitboard Mountaineering Course is the culmination of our Splitboard Progression Program. For many, splitboard mountaineering is one of the greatest alllures to backcountry riding beyond riding powder. Around the springtime in Colorado the snowpack becomes more stable, the corn snow cycle is in affect, and the backcountry terrain opens up drastically. Colorado is home to some of the most amazing split mountaineering in the country and with some lines being more technical than others, you need to make sure you have the necessary skills. This is a course in which we will be covering a wide array of topics emphasized on traveling through intermediate to advanced terrain on your splitboard.

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Splitboard Rentals & Demos
No Gear? No problem!

Here at CAG we are your one-stop shop for outdoor adventure, and that includes the gear! New for the 2021/2022 season we are now operating a full backcountry demo shop out of our basecamp in Silverthorne, CO. We carry a full fleet of Weston Splitboards and Ortovox Avalanche Rescue gear.

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